Monday 18 December 2017

Eva Rausing's drug struggle: 'I fell into the same hole as before'

THE wife of Tetra Park heir Hans Kristian Rausing alluded to her battle with drugs in a lengthy internet post and spoke of her admiration for the Prince of Wales.

Eva Rausing, the wife of an heir to the Tetra Pak fortune, alluded to her lengthy addiction to drugs in an internet post, writing: "I fell back into the same hole as before."

Mrs Rausing, 49, was found dead in her £70m Chelsea mansion earlier this week. Her husband, Hans Kristian Rausing, heir to the Tetra Pak, was arrested while driving erratically.

Police were today investigating whether her body lay dead for up to a week before she was discovered.

Despite an apparent overdose, pathologists were unable to find an immediate cause of death due to the state of the body, lending weight to the theory that she may have been dead for some time.

A source told the Daily Telegraph: “Whether she had been dead for some time and the last sighting are part of the on-going investigation.”

Both she and her husband had fought lengthy battles with drug addiction, having first met at a rehabilitation clinic in the United States in the early 1990s.

In an online posting, Mrs Rausing wrote she had studied at university in California.

"I had a good time there - too good, as I dropped out and did not go back to university until the grand old age of 24. Which leaves some troubled years in between. I could elaborate but email me if you really want to know.

"The beginning was fun, the ending not so fun. I was lucky to have a loving supportive family who stood by me, though I didn't always see it that way at the time. So, I cleaned up my act, became a good girl, if maybe a little boring, got a degree in economics, and then got married!"

She went on: "I don't work, but probably should. Or at least think of a constructive way of using my time, enlarging my life. I fell back into the same hole as before and have been there for nearly 7 years."

In an entry on the social networking website Myspace five years ago, she wrote: "I once read that I would have 7 bad years (I don't normally believe in hocus pocus horoscopes) but so far it has been right, and I'm hoping for 7 good years starting 2007.

"I'm still married, amazingly, to a very kind, patiend [sic] and loyal husband. I'm very lucky that he has stuck with me - many would have not."

Mrs Rausing described her four children as "my greatest achievements".

"I am oftn [sic] accused of not being maternal... but I really do love them so much that I almost have to distance myself or it would be too painful. So there - my critics. I am a good mother, and I love my children."

Under a section titled 'who I'd like to meet', she wrote: "I do have friends but for various reasons I have been seeing less and less of them. Maybe no one will notice me - I've heard there are zillions of people on Myspace, probably looking for single childless people, not married housewifes with four children. Oh well."

Asked to list her heroes, she wrote: "Prince Charles. I think he has had horrible press which is unfair and unkind. Little is written about what a kind, caring and warm person he is. Definitely a hero."

She uploaded seven photographs of herself, some taken in a mirror.

Mrs Rausing, who was born Eva Kemeny, is the daughter of a wealthy Pepsi Cola executive.

The Kemeny family live on Hilton Head Island, an idyllic spot off South Carolina known for it's beaches and annual wine tasting festival.

Mrs Rausing's younger sister Be Kemeny, who used to be married to Jack Kidd, the polo playing brother of model Jodie Kidd, lives in a beach house on the island with her children.

In a statement issued on Tuesday night, her parents, Tom and Nancy Kemeny, said that "along with all of their family are deeply saddened by the death of their beloved daughter, Eva Louise Rausing".

They added: "Eva was a devoted wife for twenty years and mother of four much loved and wonderful children.

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