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Escaped tiger 'liquidated' after it kills a man in Georgia


The tiger had eluded police for more than two days

A tiger that killed a man after it escaped when floods hit a zoo in Georgia has been “liquidated” by a Special Forces unit.

The animal reportedly wounded another person before it was cornered in a warehouse in Georgian capital Tbilisi.

Animals including wolves, bears and tigers have escaped from a zoo in Georgia after heavy flooding. Media files

The white tiger had eluded a citywide search for stray animals for more than two days, and was only found after it attacked a second man near the residential area of Laguna Vere.

Camouflaged Special Forces officers swarmed the area on Wednesday in a search for the at-large tiger before it was shot hours after killing a cleanup worker.

“The tiger has been liquidated,” a spokeswoman for the interior ministry said.

A day before, officials had said all the animals at the zoo were accounted for, and volunteers had moved into the area to clean up.

Floods hit Tbilisi on Sunday, killing at least 17 people and seriously damaged the city's central districts, including the zoo, where hundreds of animals - including lions, tigers, wolves and a hippo escaped.   

Over half of the animals - some 300 species - either drowned in the muddy waters or were killed by police.

A hippopotamus had to be shot with a tranquiliser gun as it roamed the streets and an alligator was filmed swimming around the city by a drone.

Up to 20 people are still missing.

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