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Elderly woman in hospital after her home is flattened in suspected gas explosion





A house has been levelled in a suspected gas explosion in Wolverhampton, police said on Monday.

West Midlands Fire Service said the property had "completely collapsed" and neighbouring homes had been evacuated.

An elderly woman was trapped inside before being freed by emergency services.

Details of her condition have not yet been released.

Local resident Matt Eccles said: "I just heard a great big explosion that shook me out of bed and my neighbour told me that there had been a house that had exploded over the road.

"It was loud enough to wake me up, it was a proper explosion."

Pictures taken at the scene show a gaping hole where the house once stood between two neighbouring two-storey houses which were unaffected.

Plumber Dave Thomas, 39, who lives nearby, said: "My wardrobes started shaking and I thought we were having an earthquake at first.

"But when I looked outside and saw what had happened I realised it was an explosion.

"The two houses next door look like they haven't been touched so it must be a gas explosion."

Another neighbour added: "I was just getting up and pottering around and there was this almighty bang.

"I thought a bomb had gone off and sprinted outside to see what had happened and that is when I saw all the dust everywhere.

"The bungalow had just completely disappeared and there is just rubble there. How they pulled anyone out of that alive is a miracle."

The force of the blast was so severe that two drivers who were passing the scene at the time of the explosion were left with minor injuries.