Saturday 20 January 2018

Ed Miliband admits he dated same woman as his shadow chancellor

Ed Miliband and Balls both dated Stephanie Flanders
Ed Miliband and Balls both dated Stephanie Flanders
Ed Balls
Ed Miliband

UK Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and shadow chancellor Ed Balls both dated senior TV journalist Stephanie Flanders, the Labour leader has revealed.

He said there was "a long time apart" between their relationships with the journalist, who is now the BBC's economics editor.

The Labour leader also said he was fighting a "battle of the bulge" to beat middle-age spread and described wife Justine Thornton as "the rock of my life".

In a highly personal interview with 'Now' magazine, the Labour leader was asked whether it was "weird" that he and Mr Balls had dated the same woman.

He said: "We did both date her but there was a long time apart between me and Ed. Stephanie and I don't have any problems running into each other now."

Mr Miliband said he was a "late developer" when it came to romance. "I was quite square and serious. Girls came a bit later – university and after", he said.

Asked if he had a fitness regime, he said he was careful about what he ate and saw a personal trainer twice a week.

He said: "It's the battle of the bulge. It's so easy to be a man in your forties and to put on weight, it really is."

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