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Drunken British architects facing obscenity charges for cavorting naked in Rome fountains

A BRITISH environmental firm says it is "exceptionally disappointed" in six employees who were arrested after skinny dipping in a fountain in Rome.

The four men and two women were among 70 employees from Environmental Dimension Partnership (EDP) visiting the city for team building and training.

Following the event, staff were allowed to spend "free time" in the Italian city, with many going out to dinner together.

When the dinner ended, the six staff members stripped off and jumped into the famous water feature at Piazza della Repubblica.

Footage of the incident was taken before police arrived, arrested the group for public indecency and fined them.

A spokesman for EDP said the company was now considering "appropriate disciplinary action" against those involved.

"EDP is exceptionally disappointed in the behaviour of some of our team in Italy over the weekend and it is something we are taking extremely seriously," he said.

"The six individuals had been part of a group of just under 70 EDP employees who had attended a corporate event in Rome on Friday evening.

"Following the conclusion of this event, everyone was able to spend their free time in Rome over the weekend.

"EDP very much regrets any offence that has been caused, and we are considering the appropriate disciplinary action."

The men involved have been named as Ben Rosedale, Richard Crooks, Tom Speed and Charles Mylchreest.

The women were reportedly Claire Neale and Vicky Nall.

In video footage of the incident, the six can be seen splashing in the fountain.

The men appear to have stripped off entirely, while the women are wearing underwear.

They can be seen quickly redressing after the arrival of police in a car with a blue flashing light.

The group, who work out of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, are believed to have been drinking heavily before the incident.

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