Tuesday 20 February 2018

Don't let Saudis flog our granddad, children plead

Karl Andree has already served 12 months in a Saudi prison
Karl Andree has already served 12 months in a Saudi prison

Scott D'Arcy

The grandchildren of a British man who reportedly faces 350 lashes for breaking the law in Saudi Arabia have appealed directly to David Cameron as "his only hope".

Karl Andree, who has battled cancer and suffers from asthma, was arrested in Jeddah in August last year for breaching the country's strict anti-alcohol laws after he was caught with home-made wine.

The 74 year old has served his time in jail but is still locked up as Saudi officials wait to carry out the lashings, according to his son Simon Andree.

More than 230,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the Prime Minister to intervene to stop him facing the punishment.

And now three of his seven grandchildren, Lucy, 12, Celia, 10 and Edward, nine, have appealed to Mr Cameron in a video message published by the Sun.

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In it, the girls said: "Even though you sent a letter to the Saudi Arabian government, he is still in jail two months after he should have been released, and we still have no idea whether he is going to receive the 350 horrible lashes they threatened.

"No human deserves to be treated like this. He is really poorly, really old and we love him very much."

Edward added: "Please Mr Cameron, don't forget our granddad, you're his only hope".

Mr Andree has lived in the Middle East for the last 25 years, having worked in the oil industry.

Other reports suggest Saudi officials never intended for him to be flogged, due to his age and health, but his family has questioned the delay in his release from prison.

Downing Street has previously said Mr Cameron is personally intervening in the "extremely concerning" case.

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