Wednesday 21 February 2018

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Police chief ‘organised orgies and hookers’ reporters

A special investigation into a vice ring has exposed a high ranking French police officer for allegedly organising orgies for Strauss-Kahn in five star Parisian hotels, and alleges he even brought prostitutes to America on the orders of DSK.

It is alleged the high ranking police chief had hoped for a political appointment from Strauss Kahn if he were elected in next year’s Presidential election. He was tipped to be the Socialist candidate in the election, before he was accused of raping a hotel chambermaid in New York earlier this year. Charges were later dropped.

The inquiry also alleges that a pimp nicknamed "Dodo" visited Strauss-Kahn several times in New York. At least two of the prostitutes are claiming that DSK was their client. The head of Lille's luxury Hotel Carlton was among those detained.

The former IMF chief has said he wants to be questioned by police so that he can dismiss the claims he was linked to the suspected hotel prostitution ring.

His lawyer Frederique Beaulieu said Mr Strauss-Kahn "is asking to be questioned to put an end to these insinuations and extrapolations".

The lawyer said Mr Strauss-Kahn expressed his wishes in a statement but has not yet been contacted by police.

Prosecutors in the northern city of Lille are investigating a suspected prostitution ring in France and neighbouring Belgium. The head of Lille's luxury Hotel Carlton was among those detained.

The weekly Journal du Dimanche said Mr Strauss-Kahn's name surfaced in the investigation as a possible client

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