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Despairing man commits suicide in Athens over financial collapse

A GREEK pensioner shot and killed himself in Athens today after declaring he refused to scrounge for food in rubbish.

The tragedy – which unfolded in front of the Greek parliament – had touched a nerve among ordinary Greeks suffering due to the economy’s collapse.

Just hours after the death, a shrine with candles, flowers and hand-written notes protesting the crisis sprung up in Syntagma Square, where the suicide of the 77 year old occurred.

Hundreds of bystanders quickly gathered to pay their respects.

One note nailed to a tree said "Enough is enough" and another asked: "Who will be the next victim?".

The protesters said they planned a march later.

Said government spokesman Pantelis Kapsis: ‘‘This is a human tragedy."

The man, a retired pharmacist, put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger after yelling out: "I have debts, I can't stand this anymore."

Another passerby claimed the man said "I don't want to leave my debts to my children."

A suicide note was also found in his coat pocket, blaming politicians and financial troubles.

It continued:. ‘‘I cannot find any other form of struggle except a dignified end before I have to start scrounging for food from the trash."