Sunday 25 February 2018

David Cameron warns of Labour threat 'to every family in Britain'

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron. Photo: Reuters
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron. Photo: Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn will try to take Britain back "to the days of Michael Foot and Arthur Scargill" in the 1980s if he wins the leadership of the Labour Party on Saturday, David Cameron has warned.

Mr Cameron said he feared that the frontrunner to succeed Ed Miliband would seek to reopen arguments over nationalisation, nuclear weapons, taxation and unions.

The British prime minister said he was concerned that the country needs "a good opposition" to hold the government to account, but said that Conservative backbenchers were joking that they had voted for Mr Corbyn as their favourite candidate.

The prime minister's comments came during an interview at Headingley cricket ground on BBC Radio 5 Live's Test Match Special following a speech in Leeds in which he warned that Labour posed "a clear threat to the financial security of every family in Britain".

He said: "Whoever wins the Labour leadership tomorrow, this is now a party that has completely vacated the intellectual playing field and no longer, in my view, represents working people."

Mr Cameron added: "You need a good opposition to hold the government to account. I just hope we have an opposition where we are not going back to a whole lot of arguments that I thought we dealt with in the 1980s about it being time to nationalise half of British industry or get rid of our nuclear deterrent."

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