Sunday 22 September 2019

David Cameron: 'Referring to IS as Daesh may lose the public'

British Prime Minister David Cameron
British Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron has warned the Government "might lose the public" if it refers to the Islamic State terror group as Daesh.

The Prime Minister told MPs he is "listening very carefully" to the arguments in favour of using the Arabic acronym, amid fears Islamophobia is increasing in the United Kingdom.

Mr Cameron often refers to so-called Islamic State as Isil.

Conservative MP Rehman Chishti said the deliberate linking of Islam with the terror group has resulted in growing prejudice toward Muslims.

Speaking in the Commons, the MP for Gillingham and Rainham told Mr Cameron: "In relation to defeating this evil organisation's ideology, appeal and self-proclaimed legitimacy, our key ally France uses the term Daesh - the French media now follow."

Mr Chishti noted a UN resolution mentions Daesh, adding: "As does the EU statement, as does the entire Arab League, as do 170 Members of Parliament, which will help address the rise in Islamophobia in this country which I know you don't want but which is happening by deliberately linking Islam with this terrorist organisation.

"They have chosen to call themselves an Islamic State and a caliphate for a reason, and we should not do that."

Mr Cameron replied: "You are fighting this very strong campaign and I think convincing increasing numbers of people.

"My only concern is whether we might lose the public by changing the name. But I'm listening very carefully to the arguments you're making."

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