Monday 23 October 2017

Daredevil's fatal final dive

FEARLESS to the end, this is wingsuit flier Victor Kovats just moments before a fatal plunge to his death.

The Hungarian is seen here jumping into a gorge in central China.

Kovats’s body was recovered, above, from the steep, forested valley floor at Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park in Hunan province yesterday.

More than 200 rescuers had searched for him through the night in treacherous conditions.

A wingsuit is an aerodynamic jumpsuit that allows the wearer to soar for long distances before opening a parachute.

The highly experienced Kovats apparently died from a head injury after crashing into a cliffside in the park. His 700-metre jump on Tuesday afternoon was part of preparations for the Second World Wingsuit Championship being held in the park.

The accident's cause wasn't immediately known, although organisers said it may have been related to equipment failure or gusting winds.


A video showed Kovats gliding toward a targeted landing spot before suddenly veering off course and disappearing without deploying his parachute.

The World Wingsuit League expressed its condolences and said it was reviewing events leading up to Kovats's death.

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