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Daredevil nearly crashes to earth as he attempts to walk between hot air balloons


The moment stuntman Tancrède Melet slips from the tightrope Credit: Youtube

A French daredevil nearly fall to his death as he attempted a mind-numbing stroll between two hot air balloons.

Stuntmen Tancrède Melet and Julien Millot walked across an inches-wide tightrope held aloft hundreds of metres above the ground last week.

Footage from the stunt shows the moment when Mr Melet slipped while attempting the crossing, only saving himself as he grabs hold of the wire at the last second.

“The wind made it hard for them,” said photographer Pierre Chauffour, who captured the entire speculator.

“Tancrède did manage to get across the line with a fall in the middle, but Julien didn't get enough time to cross the line as the wind became much too strong."

The death-defying duo are part of a stunt team called the Flying Frenchies and were taking part in an annual paragliding festival when they carried out their hot air balloon walk.

Because of the complexity of the operation, the stunt took a large amount of preparation and involved having to tether the hot balloons to the ground to prevent them from drifting too far apart.

"The entire project was very hard and they needed a lot of time before to plan it," Mr Chauffour.

"To make sure that the hot air balloons didn't get too far away, they were attached to the ground.

"But because of the weather, the stunt was delayed – the guys were supposed to have done it on Saturday evening, but the wind was too strong."

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