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Danish election on a knife edge after exit poll


Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Helle Thorning-Schmidt


Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Denmark's general election looked too close to call as the official exit poll was announced yesterday evening, leaving it unclear whether the country's first female prime minister has won a historic second term or will make way for a new centre-right government.

"I'm asking people to vote for certainty and they know what they get with me. They get a stable economy and they get good welfare," said Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Social Democratic prime minister, as she arrived outside a Copenhagen polling station in the afternoon with her husband Stephen Kinnock, a British Labour MP.

The election has been watched unusually closely in the UK ever since Liberal leader Lars Lokke Rasmussen struck an agreement with three other right-wing parties to back David Cameron's push for EU reform.


Meanwhile, Ms Thorning-Schmidt's impressive comeback over the past year may hold lessons for Britain's Labour party as it chooses its new leader.

A weighted average of polls by the 'Berlingske' newspaper yesterday morning gave the five right-wing parties a slender lead, with 50.5pc of the vote against 49.5pc for the five left-wing parties. This would only give them one additional seat, however, meaning the Social Democrats may still be ahead once votes in Greenland and the Faroe Islands are factored in.

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