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‘Daniel the Spaniel’: Dog appears as a 'guest' on BBC News


Daniel the Spaniel

Daniel the Spaniel

Daniel the Spaniel

A spaniel named Daniel has caused quite a stir after appearing as a "guest" on BBC News.

Daniel was featured during a news story detailing findings showing that canines may be "capable of basic empathy."

Within minutes of Daniel's TV appearance, viewers were commenting on social media.

Earlier in the year, golden Labrador Bounce appeared on BBC News with his owner, animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford.

Minutes into Bounce's TV appearance, which saw him described with the strap line "Bounce" and the word "dog" underneath, he started looking decidedly disinterested.

The topic of conversation, a study saying dogs can distinguish between human facial expressions, wasn't keeping Bounce focused.

Viewers immediately started comparing Bounce and Daniel on twitter, notably why Daniel had been given the title spaniel, while Bounce had just been labelled "dog".

One viewer commented: "I note BBC News have got more specific with their captions, after Bounce was titled 'Dog' earlier this year."

Another wrote: "Daniel the spaniel on @BBCNews. This actually happened and has brightened my day. #BBCNews."

Some viewers are still Bounce fans though, with one tweeting: "No disrespect to Daniel the Spaniel, but Bounce is the original King of the News."

BBC News has revealed that Bounce will be appearing on TV again this afternoon.

Let's hope he gets a decent title this time...

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