Sunday 21 January 2018

Cuckolded husband is cleared in sex text case

Ian Puddick with his wife Leena, who had a seven-year affair with another man. Photo: YUI MOK/PA
Ian Puddick with his wife Leena, who had a seven-year affair with another man. Photo: YUI MOK/PA

Tom Morgan in London

A CUCKOLDED husband hailed a victory for "free speech and the small man" yesterday as he was cleared of harassing his wife's millionaire lover over the internet.

Plumber Ian Puddick (41) tweeted, blogged and posted videos online after being enraged by his spouse's seven-year affair with City of London director Timothy Haynes.

He set up a string of websites and confronted Mr Haynes after finding out about the affair by reading a text message on his wife's phone. He also discovered photographs of Mr Haynes performing sex acts in 2009.

Mr Puddick found a text message while he sunbathed in his garden in Enfield, north London. The message spoke of a sex act and added: "You are such a sensual girl."

He said he would now try to concentrate on getting his married life on track after harassment charges against him were dismissed at the end of a three-day trial at the City of Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Flanked by his wife Leena, he said: "I am just absolutely relieved."

Mr Puddick shook his fist and smiled amid cheers from the public gallery as two not guilty verdicts for internet harassment were returned.

After giving his wife a kiss, he said: "For the last 12 months, this has taken over my life. Purely and simply there has been an abuse of power. If this can happen to me it can happen to anyone.

"It is absolutely a victory for free speech and the small man. I'm a plumber and I drive around in a Transit."

Mr Haynes, from Billingshurst, West Sussex, admitted he had been deceitful but said Mr Puddick should have taken up his anger with him alone.

Mrs Puddick, who met Mr Haynes after joining insurance firm Guy Carpenter in 1997, said she was "looking forward to getting my husband back".

Mr Puddick added: "She's been on tea duty for the past two years."

The extra-marital relationship gathered pace after the colleagues had sex following a Christmas party in 2002. It continued until May 2009.

Mr Haynes was sending Mrs Puddick 30 to 40 text messages a day, some of them with graphic sexual detail. They wined and dined together, with Mr Haynes commenting that she was "reassuringly expensive".

In tearful scenes at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court, Mrs Puddick (36) claimed that she suffered a miscarriage after Mr Haynes's wife Annja had said she hoped the baby died.


But Mrs Haynes denied telling Mrs Puddick by phone: "I hope you never have children, I hope you never get pregnant and if you do, I hope that baby dies."

Mrs Puddick had said Mr Haynes (52) wanted to set her up in a flat as a "kept woman" after their affair was exposed.

At one point he emailed her of his sadness that the relationship was over, writing: "Ignoring me is like the sun not rising."

Mr Haynes was attacked by defence lawyer Michael Wolkind in his closing speech.

He told the court that by seeking to secretly continue the relationship with Mrs Piddick after it had been exposed, Mr Haynes had shown how arrogant and deceitful he was.

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