Saturday 18 November 2017

Crazed driver tries to ram van off road at 60mph in shocking road rage video

The incident was filmed by a lorry driver
The incident was filmed by a lorry driver

A road rage bust-up where a crazed motorist tries to ram a van with a young child passenger off the road at 60mph has been captured in a shocking dashcam video.

The incident, which took place on the A127 dual carriageway in Basildon, Essex, shows how drivers can completely lose the plot when they are involved in road rage incidents.

The incident was filmed by a lorry driver, who works for Barking-based Colton Commercials Haulage.

What's more, the driver’s actions resulted in a collision with the van and the lorry.



The van driver pulls out from behind the white Ford after it almost ran him off the road (Photo: SWNS / Smart Witness)

Les Reid, Colton's assistant transport manager, described the road rage incident as "one of the craziest" he had ever seen.

He said: "It was only the quick-thinking of our driver which prevented a much more serious accident.

"It was all caused by the Ford Galaxy driver who clearly knew what had happened as a result of his dangerous driving and obviously feels no guilt or remorse for the consequences of his actions.

"He should be charged with dangerous driving and shouldn't be on the roads.

"Our driver was surprised the van driver had a boy in his van. He made it even worse by wandering out into the dual carriageway with the little boy in his arms after the accident, but I guess his brain was a little scrambled by then."

The incident took place in October, but has been made public this week after the insurance claims were sorted.

Mark Berry, SmartWitness sales director, added: "Our cameras capture crazy incidents like this every day and are being used increasingly by police to stamp out dangerous driving on our roads.

"SmartWitness cameras pay for themselves very quickly by showing who are the real villains on the roads. They are now standard in more than half of British fleets but they are becoming increasingly important to private motorists, too."

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