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Cowell hopes Cole is not an X-friend

Simon Cowell hopes he is still "close friends" with Cheryl Cole after dropping her from the US version of 'X Factor'.

He says he takes "full responsibility" for the decision to replace Cole with former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger as a judge.

'Top Gear' exit denied by May

'Top Gear' star James May has called a radio show to deny reports that his days on the show are numbered.

He phoned Chris Evans on his BBC Radio 2 'Breakfast Show' after he heard the DJ suggesting new names to front 'Top Gear'.

Peeved officials shut off fountain

The water at a new fountain in Conneticut has been turned off because people have been using it as a toilet.

City Councillor Michael Buscetto III said that since the fountain opened, US police have responded to calls of people urinating and defecating in the fountain. He also said some people who accidently cut themselves had used the fountain to rinse off blood.

D-Day recreated by paintballers

Well organised forces, armed with paintball guns, have descended upon Oklahoma for seven days.

In one of the largest paintball games in the world, 3,000 people are reliving the events of D-Day, June 6, 1944, when German-occupied France was invaded by Allied forces.

Artist leaves little to the imagination

Artist Ju Duoqi has been stocking up on cabbages in the Beijing vegetable market.

The 38-year-old Chinese artist transforms the humble vegetables into works of art depicting beautiful women, which are sometimes very explicit.

Plane en route despite big splash

The US Airways airplane that made a splash-landing, dubbed the 'Miracle on the Hudson', more than two years ago, began a road trip on Saturday to its original destination -- Charlotte, North Carolina.

The craft, which had sat in a New Jersey warehouse since it was salvaged from the icy Hudson River, is due to arrive on Friday.

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