Sunday 22 April 2018

Council workmen resurface car park around car rather than move it

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Council workmen tarmacked round a car and gave its owner a parking ticket after he left it unattended in a car park closed for repairs.

Left with no choice as to how to complete the work, the workmen simply resurfaced around the red Peugeot 207, after the owner refused to take notice of the warning signs.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The driver would have been in for a surprise when he returned to his vehicle. Not only was the car left on a solitary unresurfaced patch in the car park, he had been slapped with a parking fine.

A ticket was planted on his windscreen for when he made it back to the West End car park in Chelmsford, Essex.

Pictures of the incident were posted on Facebook group, Parking Like A **** Chelmsford, and have attracted more than 140 likes in total, and numerous comments from the group's 8,000 members.

Brendon Burgess said: “I personally find this hilarious”.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

But others gave him credit for his skilled parking. Alex Bell wrote: “At least it’s in the lines”.

Brad Sayers said: “Well parked though, credit where it is due.”

A Chelmsford City Council spokeswoman said: "When resurfacing a car park, the Council ensures that suitable signage and notification of car park closure is placed in and around the car park, well in advance of the works commencing.

"It is unfortunate that on this occasion, one of the many car park users failed to act on this instruction and they were issued a Penalty Charge Notice for causing an obstruction.

"Our contractors will be returning to site tomorrow to carry out the necessary works to improve this car park for all users."

It is not the first instance of suspect parking to make the headlines. Last year a traffic warden issued a wheelie bin with a parking ticket after it was left on double yellow lines.

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