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Cosy £500-a-month bedsit turns out to be Harry Potter style cubbyhole


That 'cosy' bedsit on offer in London Credit: Alex Lomax

A student was left stunned after she went to view a ‘cosy’ £500-a-month bedsit only to find it was a cupboard under the stairs.

Alex Lomax (23) responded to an advert for a ‘room’ posted by a private landlord on the website London2Let.

In the advert, the room was described as being in a period house in Clapham, south west London - an area popular with students and young professionals.

The ‘furnished’ bedsit turned out to be a slim mattress in a cloakroom under the stairs - with no window or bathroom.

The 23-year-old said she could not stop laughing when she realised the tiny accommodation bore a striking resemblance to the cubbyhole boy wizard Harry Potter was forced to inhabit by his cruel aunt and uncle in Privet Drive.

The student quickly lost her grin however when she found out that the tiny space was ‘cosy bedside’ she had been looking forward to viewing.

“I was shocked and wish I'd been madder, to be honest,” she told the Mirror newspaper.

“I asked him if he was joking and he seemed shocked I'd even asked.


Alex Lomax with friends Credit: Alex Lomax

“I took the pics secretly when he was making himself a cup of coffee, the cupboard was right next to the kitchen.

"I left as quickly as possible and said something like 'it's not right for me'. Quite annoyed at myself.


That 'cosy' bedsit on offer in London Credit: Alex Lomax

“It did not seem too bad on the advert but it is absolutely the worst place I think I've ever seen.

"I willl think again about looking at places without pictures,” she added.

The advert for the room in Sisters Avenue, described it as a “furnished” room.

It said: “We are looking for a friendly, open-minded and outgoing person to join our house share in a great period house in Clapham.

“We’re a good bunch and like to chill out a lot together – not really looking for somebody that just wants to stay in their room. Room comes with a bed. Bills to be shared – approx. £60 per month each.”

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