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Colleagues pay tribute to presenter Mike Morris

Colleagues including Lorraine Kelly have paid tribute to former 'TV-am' presenter Mike Morris, who has died.

Moustached Morris was the main male host of the ITV breakfast programme 'Good Morning Britain' in the late 1980s after initially being introduced as a sports presenter.

Kelly said Morris made presenting "look easy", adding: "Mike was a delightful man, he was such a generous presenter -- he really was brilliant."

Anne Diamond, who shared a sofa with him, said: "He was incredibly popular because he was the guy next door."

Morris worked for Thames TV and covered sport for 'TV-am' at its launch in 1983. He was the last presenter heard on TV-am's final programme at the end of 1992.

In his mid-sixties, he is thought to have been suffering from cancer.

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