Saturday 20 January 2018

Cocaine found in banana crates in Aldi

Smugglers sent the drugs to the wrong address

POLICE have recovered cocaine worth up to €12m in Aldi stories in Germany after bungling smugglers sent the drugs to the wrong address.

They recovered 140kg of cocaine which had been shipped in banana crates to Aldi supermarkets by accident.

Police spokesman Stefan Redlich said: "Employees of supermarkets in Berlin and Brandenburg found boxes that should have been filled with bananas, but in the boxes had been more than 100kg (of) cocaine."

They were loaded onto trucks at the German port of Hamburg and sent to Berlin.

Police said it was the biggest drug find in 20 years.

"For Berlin this is the biggest drug find in the last 10 or 20 years. Usually you find such amounts only in the harbours like Hamburg. For Berlin this is extraordinary," he said.

The head of Berlin's anti-drugs squad told reporters the crates had come from Colombia via the German port of Hamburg as part of a consignment of 1,134 boxes and the discovery was “pure chance”.

“We were of course surprised,” said Olaf Schremm. “I don't know where the mistake was in the perpetrators' delivery chain.”

Detectives believe smugglers may have gone a bit bananas and made bungled the illegal shipment.

Officers searched more than 1,000 crates following the discovery but no more cocaine was found.

“The cocaine obviously wasn’t meant for the supermarkets,” a police spokesman told Der Tagesspiegel.

“Anyone waiting to take that delivery will have quite a problem on their hands.”

The cocaine was carried away by masked police officers in bulletproof vests to be stored and eventually destroyed.

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