Saturday 16 December 2017

Cities up north not joining in party spirit

Pat Hurst and  Ellen Branagh

WHILE royal wedding fever may be spreading, figures released yesterday suggest some parts of Britain may be more gripped than others.

More than 5,500 parties are expected to be held, according to statistics for road closure requests collected by the Local Government Association.

But while people in the south appear to be pulling out all the stops, some areas further north are not so enthusiastic -- with not one application made in Glasgow. London tops the table for the number of parties, with more than 800 applications, including one for Downing Street.

Using a rough measure of applications compared to populations to get an average, figures show London, Edinburgh and Cardiff all have higher than average numbers of street parties planned. With 52 applications, the capital of Wales has had more than twice as many applications per person compared with nearby Swansea.

But outside the capitals it appears that, across the north, the number of parties is lower than many cities in the south.

Based on England and Wales, with a population of around 55 million and roughly 5,500 street parties, this gives a national average of around one street party for every 10,000 people.

Irish Independent

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