Sunday 18 March 2018

Cheating newlywed gets life sentence for wife's murder

John Fahey in London

Cheating newlywed Michael Roberts was last night beginning life behind bars after being convicted of murdering his wife.

The telephone store manager had been married for just five months when he killed his wife Vicky (25) on Sunday, November 29, last year.

The pair had married in June, but Roberts (26) had already begun cheating on her with a colleague, Kerrie Hall (31).

He enjoyed "gymnastic sex" sessions with her before he was married and continued them at her North Wales home just a week after getting back from honeymoon.

After becoming bored with her, Roberts dumped her and fell in love with another work colleague, Karen Wilson (26).

His wife discovered the affair and pleaded with him to end it.

Roberts repeatedly lied to her, claiming the affair was over.

And a week before he murdered his wife, Ms Wilson split up from her fiance and Roberts told her he had also left Vicky.

Roberts claimed he accidentally strangled his wife with a bathrobe cord during a kinky sex game.

But investigators proved the cord could not have caused a series of zig-zag marks on her neck. The real murder weapon was never found.

Yesterday, Roberts was jailed for a minimum of 17 years at Liverpool Crown Court.

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