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Carrier pigeon with war secrets found in chimney

British military code-breakers are trying to decipher a message attached to the skeleton of a World War II carrier pigeon found in an English chimney.

Military experts believe the coded message, which was written by a Sergeant W. Stott, will provide unique insight into the war.

The bird was found when David Martin in Bletchingly, Surrey, was renovating his fireplace.

Martin told the BBC that when he began pulling it down "the pigeon bones began appearing one by one", including a leg with a red capsule with a message inside.

Theories suggest the bird was making its way from behind enemy lines, perhaps from Nazi occupied France during the D Day invasions, heading toward Bletchley Park, which was Britain's main decryption establishment during World War II.

More than 250,000 carrier pigeons were used in World War II.

Irish Independent