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Cameron faces calls to quit if Scotland votes Yes


Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron


Prime Minister David Cameron

DAVID CAMERON will come under pressure from Tory MPs to resign if Scotland votes for independence.

The British Prime Minister, pictured, will face public calls to quit if Scotland leaves the UK in the referendum in 10 days, MPs said.

There have also been claims that at least two ministers could resign from the Government in the event of a Yes vote.

Mr Cameron has said he will not resign if Scotland votes to leave the UK. He last week said that it would "break his heart" if Scotland were to leave, but insisted that his job would not be under threat.

Senior government sources have acknowledged that Mr Cameron would face serious questions over his future if the separatists win the referendum.

Privately, some ministers have conceded that Downing Street has not done enough in Scotland because of a feeling that the vote was "in the bag".

One minister said: "There has been some complacency. Number 10 should have done more to take a positive case to the people of Scotland."

Asked if he will resign in the event of Scottish independence, Mr Cameron said it was "very important to say no to that emphatically".

He added: "It's very important for people in Scotland to realise that the consequence of their vote is purely and simply about Scotland and its place in the United Kingdom. We shouldn't try and tie up into this vote the future of Alex Salmond, the future of me or anybody else."

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