Saturday 25 January 2020

C4 censored Simpsons gay gag

Adam Sherwin

IS the word "gay" sufficiently offensive to cause viewers to choke on their Sunday lunch? Channel 4 appeared to think so after editing the word out of a repeat of 'The Simpsons'.

The broadcaster has admitted it made a mistake after deciding the use of the word "gay", in its homosexual context, was unsuitable for a Sunday lunchtime audience. The line was cut from a 1994 episode called 'Homer Loves Flanders', aired at 12.55pm.

Homer goes to an American football match with Flanders but at first is embarrassed to be seen with his neighbour. The pair bond after Ned introduces Homer to the quarterback.

As they drive away, they pass workmates Lenny and Carl. Homer proudly yells out of the window: "I want everyone to know that this is Ned Flanders ... my friend!"

In the original episode, Lenny turns to Carl and asks: "What'd he say?" Carl replies: "I dunno. Somethin' about being gay."

But in the Sunday version, Carl's line was edited out and the episode abruptly cut to adverts after Lenny said: "What'd he say?" (© Independent News Service)

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