Friday 15 December 2017

Brown warns deep Tory cuts would target the welfare state

Emily Ashton in London

GORDON Brown yesterday stepped up his attack against the Tories, warning their cuts would start in the North East and eventually hit the rest of Britain.

The British prime minister urged voters to go behind the "gloss and the posters and the PR and the style" and see that Conservatives were planning an "assault on all the pillars of the welfare state".

Mr Brown, who called on Labour activists to go out and "fight and fight and fight again", shunned a tie for his speech to young supporters in west London.

He pointed to David Cameron's interview with Jeremy Paxman on Friday, in which the Tory leader indicated public sector cuts would hit Northern Ireland and the North East first.

"They have Sunderland in their sights, Hartlepool, Redcar, Durham," Mr Brown warned.

"There will be new cuts in Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Morpeth -- and what begins with the towns and cities of the North East will not end there, but will set the blueprint for their attacks on jobs and investment not just in the North East but in the North West, and the Midlands, in Yorkshire and the Humber, coming towards London too. It doesn't need to be like that."

The Tories were "hurting not just modest income Britain but middle income Britain."

Only Labour could deliver fairness for all, Mr Brown said.

Irish Independent

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