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Brooks to learn if she faces charges

Rebekah Brooks will find out today whether she is to be charged over the alleged destruction of evidence relating to phone-hacking.

Alison Levitt QC, principal legal adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions, is due to announce at 10am whether the former News International chief executive and six others are to be charged with perverting the course of justice.

Last month, a file on the seven, who also include Mrs Brooks's husband Charlie, was sent to the Crown Prosecution Service by the Metropolitan Police.

Mr and Mrs Brooks were arrested in March as part of Operation Sacha, an investigation into alleged attempts to destroy material relating to Scotland Yard's inquiries into phone-hacking, computer hacking and corrupt payments.

The arrests followed reports that News International instigated an "email deletion policy" as victims of phone-hacking began suing its subsidiary, News Group Newspapers.

Mr and Mrs Brooks and the five others who were arrested will only be told of the CPS's decision moments before it is publicly announced.

Anyone charged with the offence can only be tried in a crown court, where the maximum sentence for those found guilty of perverting the course of justice is life imprisonment.

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