Thursday 19 April 2018

British man arrested at Amsterdam airport after 'making bomb threat'

The 29-year-old passenger was detained by armed police and a terminal was closed as a precaution during the incident

Exterior of a departure hall at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Exterior of a departure hall at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Victoria Ward

A 29-year-old British man has been arrested at an Amsterdam airport after making bomb threats, according to Dutch police.

The man, who has not been identified, was overheard shouting the threats at Schiphol Airport on Friday morning, a police spokesman said, causing panic among fellow passengers.

He was immediately arrested and a photograph posted online appered to show him lying face down on the ground as two armed officers pointed a gun at him.

The man, who was wearing jeans, a grey top and a hat, lay sprawled with his legs and arms outstretched as the officers stood over him.

He was later pictured being escorted away from the airport by police.

Several check-ins at Terminal 3 were closed and evacuated as a precaution and passengers are said to have fled in panic, many leaving their luggage behind.

One wrote on Twitter that he had heard gun shots being fired

The man was searched but no explosives were found and the terminal reopened a short time later.

A spokesman from the Dutch Royal Military Police told The Telegraph: "There was an incident at 8am (7am GMT) this morning.

"This particular passenger made a bomb threat which was heard by other passengers.

"We had to arrest him very quickly. We searched the man and his luggage but there was nothing on him.

"We had to close certain check-ins and clear the area but we did not find anything and they have now reopened."

The spokesman confirmed that the man, who is currently in custody and being questioned on suspicion of making a bomb threat, was 29 and British.

He added: "We have to speak to him to find out his motives."

Schiphol is the main international airport in the Netherlands and is around five miles outside Amsterdam.

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