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British Bobby sacked for having sex with five women while on duty


Troy Van-Eda was dismissed by Greater Manchester Police

Troy Van-Eda was dismissed by Greater Manchester Police

Troy Van-Eda was dismissed by Greater Manchester Police

A MARRIED police officer has been sacked after he was found to have had sex with five different women while on duty, it has emerged.

An internal investigation found Troy Van-Eda, 44, a police constable for Greater Manchester Police (GMP), had sex at two stations and also at the women's homes.

In one instance, he had intercourse with one woman in a station’s boiler room, less than 24 hours after she was stopped for failing to wear a seatbelt.

The father-of-three, who claimed he had separated from his wife, was accused of using his “police uniform to feed his obsession with women”.

On Wednesday, the PC, from Cutgate, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was dismissed for gross misconduct following at a three-day disciplinary hearing.

Senior officers admitted on Thursday that the officer’s behaviour, while on duty, was “completely unacceptable”.

It came after an 18-month internal GMP investigation, undertaken by the force’s Professional Standards Branch, following a formal complaint from one of the women.

Two other women also gave statements to police alleging they had sex with the officer while he was on duty. A further two women later gave similar evidence at the disciplinary hearing.

The PC, who denied the allegations, plans to appeal his sacking.

In her statement to police, Joanne Pinder, 34, claimed the pair had sex in the boiler room of Littleborough Police Station in April 2004.

The day before, he had pulled her over for failing to wear a seatbelt but instead of issuing her with a fine, asked for her phone number instead.

The pair, who also had sex at Milnrow Police Station, then began a three year relationship.

The officer, who has since become engaged, admitted he was a married father-of-three who had separated from his wife. He told her he lived at his mother’s house.

Despite the revelation Miss Pinder, from Littleborough, Rochdale stood by him for a further three years until she discovered he was seeing another woman.

"He received a salary to do an important job not to sleep with women,” said the charity support worker.

“There are many decent people who would love the chance to become a police officer. He used his police uniform to feed his obsession with women.”

GMP launched an inquiry in 2010 after she lodged a formal complaint.

He was accused of gross misconduct but remained on restricted duties at Rochdale Police Station for 18 months and was banned from any contact with the public

None of the other women, who all gave evidence at the hearing, have been named.

The disciplinary panel of senior officers, dismissed claims from Van-Eda, a former special constable in West Yorkshire, that he was a victim of smear campaign.

On Thursday, Dawn Copley, the Assistant Chief Constable of GMP, admitted the officer had failed in his duty after he was sacked without notice.

"Greater Manchester Police expects the very highest standards of all its offices and staff,” she said.

“Clearly this officer's behaviour while on duty was completely unacceptable."

Van-Eda, who now lives with his new fiancée, Rachael Smith, said: "I… have lost my job for doing nothing.

“Being in the police was a job I always wanted to do. I never wanted to bring disrepute to GMP and want to get my job back."