Thursday 12 December 2019

Britain's first astronaut Tim Peake will perform his first spacewalk this week

Tim prepares for his spacewalk
Tim prepares for his spacewalk Credit:Twitter/@astro_timpeake
Tim Peake will embark on his first ever spacewalk this week Credit: Twitter/@astro_timpeake
Tim Kopra on a spacewalk in December Credit: Getty Images

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Britain's first astronaut, Tim Peake (43), is set to perform his first spacewalk on Friday, January 15.

His fellow NASA astronaut Tim Kopra will accompany him on the mission.

The spacewalk is scheduled to commence at 12:55 GMT, and will last for six hours.

Its official title is the 35th NASA Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA).

Peake played a role in a spacewalk on December 21, but remained inside the International Space Station (ISS), meaning that this will be his first time to venture outside the vehicle.

When an astronaut leaves a vehicle while in space, usually to carry out repairs, maintenance or experiments, he is said to perform a spacewalk.

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They typically last between five and eight hours.

Peake arrived at the ISS on December 15, after travelling into space from a cosmodrome in Kazahkstan.

He and Kopra are tasked with repairing a power unit on the outside of the ISS.

The ISS has eight ‘shunt’ units which regulate power, but it’s only been operating with seven since one failed two months ago.

The European Space Agency say that the spacewalk should be fairly straightforward, and involves the undoing of one single bolt.

Afterwards, the astronauts will install cables and install a valve on the ISS.

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