Tuesday 20 March 2018

Woman 'still friends' with husband who tried to strangle her with his tie

Christopher Shipp handed 'merciful and compassionate' two year suspended sentence

The court heard Shipp thought killing his wife would 'spare her the anguish' Photo: Google Maps
The court heard Shipp thought killing his wife would 'spare her the anguish' Photo: Google Maps

Tom Embury-Dennis

A woman and her husband “continue to be friends” despite his attempt to strangle her with a tie.

Christopher Shipp escaped jail after his wife, Shirlianne, asked the judge not to imprison him.

The retired dentist took around £17,000 (€19,922) from Ms Shipp's bank account and pawned off her jewellery after he was conned out of more than £200,000 (€234,334) in an investment scam.

When his wife confronted him over the theft, the 63-year-old put a tie around her neck and twisted tightly, reports The Times.

Shipp had intended to kill himself afterwards, Leicester Crown Court was told.

He only stopped after his wife begged for her life, and reminded him of their children and grandchildren.

Philip Gibbs, prosecuting, said the victim did not want her husband in prison because “he wasn’t himself at the time” and they “continue to be friends”.

The judge handed down a “merciful and compassionate” two-year suspended sentence in light of the “highly unusual case” and the victim’s calls for leniency.

The relationship was described as “loving and happy… for many years” before Shipp became the victim of fraud.

The court heard he thought killing his wife would “spare her the anguish” over his suicide and the fallout from the scam, reports The Telegraph.

“It’s the only way, I’ll be with you in half an hour, I’ve got the tablets downstars,” said Shipp as he was attempting to strangle his wife.

Ms Shipp suffered no physical injuries and accompanied her husband to his GP, where he was treated for depression and given counselling.

He later voluntarily confessed to having attempted to kill his wife before intending to kill himself.

The court heard Ms Shipp was now living in separate housing association accommodation.

Asked outside whether she forgave her husband, the 73-year-old said: “I’m not sure, I’ll have to think about that.”

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