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'Why didn't you just kill me when I was born' - EU legal campaigner reveals request from daughter with autism


Gina Miller Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Gina Miller Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire


Gina Miller Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire

European Union legal campaigner Gina Miller said her daughter with autism once asked why her mother had not killed the youngster at birth.

Mrs Miller said coping with daughter Lucy-Ann's disability turned her into a "lioness" and gave her the strength to cope with the high-profile legal struggle over the country's future.

Mrs Miller is the businesswoman behind the successful battle against triggering Britain's departure from the European Union without parliamentary approval.

She told the Mail on Sunday that Lucy-Ann's disability began to have an affect on the youngster upon the birth of her siblings.

Mrs Miller said: "She (Lucy-Ann) saw them growing and doing things that she couldn't do, and it made her frustrated.

"She started to get depressed and angry.

"Then one day, to my absolute shock, she asked me: 'Why didn't you just kill me when I was born.'

"Even now it breaks my heart to think that she even thought about such a thing."

Mrs Miller said Lucy-Ann's emotional intelligence helped to inspire her, though the mother remains fiercely protective and determined to stand up to "bullies".

She added: "I have always been a fighter, but my daughter turned me into a lioness."

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