Tuesday 25 September 2018

Watch: Cyclist bumped by car on busy road not deemed 'a collision'

Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk

Footage recorded in late November, in Walsall, shows a cyclist travelling home from work before a passing car collides with his bike.

The video shows a number of cars taking over the cyclist before the car in question beeps its horn before closely passing the cyclist on a busy road.

"The car actually hit my hand on the handlebars. You can hear the thump in the video", Richard Dewsbery told Independent.ie.

"Once I got home, I downloaded the footage onto a memory stick then rode in to Sutton Coldfield Police Station, where I wrote out a full Section Nine evidential witness statement and handed over the video."

"The police sent me a letter last week saying that they were taking no further action as there was 'insufficient evidence' and that it 'wasn't deemed to be a a collision'."

The video was posted on Youtube and commenters had their say,

Magnatom commented, 'It doesn't matter if there is a collision or not. This is dangerous driving and should be pursued by the police. No question.'

Another commented, 'Clearly a collision and clearly a close pass amounting to careless driving at the very least'.

Watch the clip to make up your own mind.

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