Saturday 16 February 2019

Video showing cyclists riding next to bike lane causes outrage

Post on Facebook viewed more than 50,000 times

Shehab Khan

A driver’s video of cyclists riding in the road adjacent to an empty bike lane has sparked fury on social media.

Andrew Cudd, the man behind the wheel, filmed a group of cyclists on Priory Lane near Richmond Park riding next to a vacant cycle path.

When they stopped at a traffic light he confronted them and asked: “What’s wrong with the cycle lane? Why don’t you use the cycle lane that’s provided?”

The video was shared on Facebook and viewed more than 50,000 times before being deleted, the Evening Standard reported.

Comments both supported and criticised Mr Cudd, with some sympathising with his anger and others saying he endangered the lives of the cyclists.

Richmond Cycling Campaign released a statement saying Mr Cudd should receive police attention for seemingly filming while driving.

“Not only is Mr Cudd wrong in a number of his assertions, but what appear to be a number of close passes, and his clear admission to be using his mobile phone while driving should surely result in some police attention.

“We want the roads in our area to be safe for everyone, however they’re getting around, and whatever they choose to wear – no-one should be exposed to danger or poor road behaviour like this.”

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