Tuesday 20 August 2019

'Some politicians are utterly disconnected from reality' - UK chancellor's remarks on unemployment draws criticism

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Independent.ie Newsdesk

Claims made by Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer denying unemployment have drawn criticism from Ireland and the UK.

Phillip Hammond made the comment during a discussion on how Britain can deal with the threat to jobs from technological change on BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

The Conservative MP asked: "Where are all the unemployed people? There are no unemployed people."

According to the UK's Office for National Statistics, there are currently 1.42 million unemployed people.

After Mr Marr reacted with surprise, Mr Hammond added: “We have created 3.5 million new jobs since 2010, this economy has become a jobs factory, constantly reinventing itself, constantly creating new jobs and careers.”

His remarks have drawn criticism from the UK and abroad.

Niall Breslin, aka Bressie, tweeted a link to the interview and commented: "If ever wanted an example of how some politicians are utterly disconnected from reality have a look (sic)".

Labour's Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Tricket said that The Chancellor is "living on another planet".

"The Tories have become even more out of touch and are no so inwards looking that they have no clue of the experiences of ordinary people suffering from seven years of Tory austerity."

The Chancellor later clarified remarks made, saying on ITV’s Peston On Sunday he “didn’t mean” there’s no unemployment and “there’s 1.4 million unemployed people in this country and that’s 1.4 million too many”.

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