Saturday 17 March 2018

Police arrest mother-of-two on suspicion of murder after she suffered miscarriage

Stock photo: PA Wire
Stock photo: PA Wire
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

Police arrested a mother-of-two on suspicion of murder after she suffered a miscarriage at her home.

Lauren Bull (30) didn't know she was 31 weeks pregnant when she suffered a miscarriage at her Essex home in November 2015.

She was rushed to hospital with a collapsed womb but just hours after surgery, herself and her husband were arrested on suspicion of murder, the Sun reports.

The couple were brought to Chelmsford Police Station and spent almost two days in custody.

Police released Lauren Bull and her husband when a post-mortem confirmed a still birth.

However, they continued to investigate claims the couple had concealed a body for the following seven months.

"I can't forgive the police for the way they treated me," Ms Bull told the Sun.

"They tried to tell Jack I had been having an affair and he had tried to kill the baby when he found out it wasn't his," she said.

The couple are now pursuing legal action against the force, according to the newspaper.

An Essex Police spokesman said two people were arrested on suspicion of concealing a birth and they were subsequently released without further police action.

A spokesman said: "Recent cases have highlighted the need for police to thoroughly investigate any harm to a child, especially when they die.

"The body of this poor baby was found in unusual circumstances.

"The death of any child is tragic and when the circumstances of a child's death are unusual and unexplained then we have a duty to thoroughly investigate.

"This is to provide answers to the family and the public, minimise the risk of any future harm to a child and to ensure that the rights of the deceased child are upheld.

"There was a full multi-agency response to this distressing event to ensure there was the necessary support to all of those involved and affected by this tragedy."

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