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'My mummy says you hate foreigners' - Nigel Farage 'knighthood' doesn't go to plan


Picture RT UK

Picture RT UK

Picture RT UK

Former Ukip leader and Donald Trump supporter Nigel Farage has been left red-faced after a child questioned if he hates foreigners live on television.

The UK politician was appearing on 'Sam Delaney's New Thing' on Russia Today UK when the little girl, dressed as the Queen, was brought on to "knight" him.

Mr Delaney told the politican: “We have arranged for you the one thing we feel you have been dreaming of secretly all your life – that is an honorary News Thing ‘knighthood’.”

The MEP was greeted by a child dressed as the Queen wielding a inflatable ceremonial sword to carry out the ceremony.

But it didn't end there for 'Sir' Nigel. As he rejoins Delaney the little girl asks: “My mummy says you hate foreigners…”

He replies: “No,no, no,no… I don’t think that is quite right – the Queen has to be non-political.”

This is definitely worth a watch:

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