Wednesday 22 November 2017

Katie Price's stepfather accused of two rapes in woodland

Paul Price, the stepfather of model Katie Price, arriving with his wife Amy (left) at Chichester Crown Court where he is standing trial accused of rape. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
Paul Price, the stepfather of model Katie Price, arriving with his wife Amy (left) at Chichester Crown Court where he is standing trial accused of rape. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Tom Pugh

The stepfather of model Katie Price said a woman who accused him of twice raping her had consented to sex, telling police "she wanted it as much as I wanted it", a court has heard.

Paul Price (53) told officers the woman never resisted sex with him or ordered him to stop at any time.

He told police in interview after being detained: "I wouldn't force any woman to do anything they didn't want to."

Mr Price said on the night of the alleged rape, the woman told him she had "not had sex for a year" before "one thing led to another".

He told police they first tried to have sex after she got out of a taxi following a night out after she complained of feeling ill. They went on to summon another taxi, Chichester Crown Court in West Sussex, England, heard.

After being dropped off near Mr Price's home in Angmering, he said he told her: "If you want to continue, we have got one chance here."

He said they touched each other in woodland, but after again struggling to have sex, they stopped before heading back to his home, where Mr Price's wife Amy and the complainant's husband were.

After waking up in the morning, Mr Price said the woman had left, and he later received a text message from her husband warning him not to contact them, saying he should consider himself "a lucky man" they were calling the police.

Mr Price told officers he was "amazed" at the allegations as he claimed the woman had consented to sex and they had earlier been laughing and joking.

Asked who had initiated sex, he said: "It was just both together. We were just having a laugh and a joke at the time.

"It was light-hearted fun which turned into something silly."

Mr Price was held at his home at about 2am on March 24 last year - three days after he allegedly forced himself on the woman, jurors were told.

He also said he disclosed the incident to his wife, telling her they had engaged in "a play".

Detective Constable Andy Hobden, of Sussex Police, said Mr Price had no previous convictions or cautions and made no reply immediately following his arrest over the rape allegations.

Prosecutor Gabrielle Henry asked Mr Hobden: "Was he described by the officer as dismayed, but passive, polite and co-operative?"

Mr Hobden replied: "Yes."

Mr Price, a fence-erector, handed over his clothes for examination and was taken to Worthing custody centre, where he was later interviewed in front of his solicitor.

The court also heard that the complainant was unsure whether she should call police because of the high profile of the Price family. She also told police that she was reluctant to raise the alarm because the case could generate publicity and harm her livelihood.

Jurors heard that Mr Price allegedly raped her against a tree in a wooded area after following her out of a taxi when she complained of feeling sick in Worthing on March 21 last year.

Following the alleged attack, she then flagged down a white van before getting into another taxi with Mr Price, who is accused of raping her a second time in woodland near his home.

Earlier, Mr Price, his wife, the complainant and her husband were among a group who had gone to a pub and the Imperial China restaurant in Worthing.

Mr Hobden told the court the complainant revisited the scene of the alleged attacks less than a month later and became upset.

He said: "She was clearly upset.

"Her eyes were red and I could clearly see tears forming."

Mr Price denies two counts of rape.

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