Friday 17 January 2020

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Heartbroken mother releases footage of moment son killed in fireball motorcycle crash

Tomas Heneghan

Video release of horrifying moment motorcyclist loses life in blaze.

Video of the last moments of a motorcyclist’s life have been released by his mother in an effort to stop a similar tragedy.

22-year-old Lewis Clark lost his life during a motorbike accident when his bike burst into flame after another biker veered into the same lane and collided with him.

Clark’s mother is now appealing to people to watch the horrifying footage and consider their actions more carefully while driving.

Beverley Clark told ITV: “If I can save just one life, then something positive will have come out of this horrific journey that we’re now on.”

She said her aim is to ensure no other mother goes through the tragedy of losing their son in similar circumstances.

“I just can’t believe he’s not here anymore. You always think they’re your future, they’re part of your future and no he’s not there. I just never want another mother to feel the way I do today.

“My arms just ache to hold my baby boy every day, you know, just to hug him close one more time and tell him I love him.

“I can never do that and I just want to prevent another mother from feeling the same.”

Ms Clark has been supported in her move by the family of the other casualty of the crash, as well as local police.

Isle of Man Police Chief Inspector Steve Maddocks said the police believe the shocking images might have a stronger impact than other campaigns on road safety.

He explained: “We’ve had some low level and moderate messages and quite frankly sometimes that might just go in one ear and out the other with some people.

“This kind of a message, which has been supported really by Lewis’s mum and the family of the other gentleman, is very [impactful].”

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