Wednesday 21 February 2018

From Brexit to breastfeeding: Six of Nigel Farage’s most famous fumbles

Nigel Farage REUTERS/Toby Melville
Nigel Farage REUTERS/Toby Melville

Kevin Kelly

He’s been one of the most polarizing politicians in Europe in recent years, and now Nigel Farage has stepped down (again) as leader of the UK Independence Party.

After holding his last speech as party leader in Bournemouth, let take a look at some of Farage’s most controversial moments over his career.

1. Paddy Power advert

For the 2014 Ryder Cup, Paddy Power pulled off one of its usual advertising stunts by having Farage star in an ad backing the European team. The ad opens with Farage declaring he loves Europe, followed by him defending himself with an honest “No, I do!”.

A different take for the EU’s biggest critic.


2. Breaking Point

It was one of the Brexit campaign’s most infamous moments, when Farage stood in front of a poster declaring “Breaking Point”. The poster showed queues of migrants, and you were lead to believe they’re entering the EU. Legal action was taken against the poster, with the official Leave campaign distancing themselves from it.


3. NHS claim was a 'mistake'

The morning after the Brexit vote, Farage appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and admitted that the claim of saving £350 million a week by leaving the EU and spending it on the NHS was a mistake.

It was one of the biggest issues of the campaign, and host Susanna Reid wasn’t too happy with Farage’s admission.



4. Breastfeeding in public

After Claridges hotel in London asked a breastfeeding mother to cover up, Farage said maybe she should’ve “sat in the corner”, causing a spokesman for the Prime Minister to say it was total unacceptable for mothers to be made feel uncomfortable in public.


5. Wanting his life back

The fallout from the Brexit result saw huge political change in Britain, with many of the lead Leave campaigners quickly trying to get out of the spotlight.

Farage was one of those, but he did so a little more controversially by claiming that he wanted his life back in his speech where he resigned as UKIP leader. This led to a vicious backlash on social media, with many people upset over his role in taking the UK out of the EU and then shying away from the responsibilities.


6. Skinny dipping

Even when he’s gone as UKIP leader, Farage still makes big news.

After a few drinks at last night’s party conference in Bournemouth, Farage and some fellow conference attendees went skinny dipping in the sea, leaving one last hurrah in his wake.

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