Tuesday 19 November 2019

Bridge recordings give that sinking feeling

Capt Francesco Schettino (pictured right): "350 to starboard, otherwise we go on the rocks!

"Hard to starboard. Midship. Port 10. Port 20. Hard to port."

Moments later the Costa Concordia hits rocks off Giglio, tearing a massive gash in its hull. It quickly starts taking on water.

Capt Schettino: "Close the watertight doors in the bow. Hard to port."

The ship then loses propulsion as its engine room floods.

First officer Ciro Ambrosio (second in command of the ship): "Hard to starboard."

Capt Schettino "Hard to port. Midship. Hard to starboard. Close the watertight doors in the engine room!" (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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