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Boys (15) in plot to blow up British Houses of Parliament


Lee Rigby

Lee Rigby

Lee Rigby

Two 15-year-old schoolboys were caught plotting to blow up the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace after one of their mothers discovered suspicious powder in her son's room.

It turned out to be crushed paracetamol, caffeine and sucrose but she called police, who unearthed a plot to carry out atrocities and suicide attacks around the UK.

After the boy's arrest, police found a message on his phone sent to his friend saying: "Fam found something, deciding if to report me, I could get life or worse if they check everything else".

The youngsters had been buying chemicals, pipes and fuses online to make viable devices based on a recipe in the 'Anarchists Cookbook', Newcastle Crown Court heard.

In online conversations, they discussed going on a drug-fuelled rampage, killing families in their homes, making a beheading video and ending their days as wanted men.

They also referenced Lee Rigby, the soldier murdered by two Islamist fanatics, and Raoul Moat, who shot himself in 2010 after going on a gun rampage in Northumbria.


A mobile phone seized from one of them was found to contain messages, chat and links relating to making explosives, Molotov cocktails, bottle bombs, nail bombs, acetone peroxide, the uses of chlorine and the Taliban.

Other material showed references to a hatred of Jews and black people.

One of the youths, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also discussed Newcastle shopping centre Eldon Square as "somewhere he could go out with a bang".

The family of one of the teenagers raised the alarm and police found them in possession of chemicals, fuses and pipes.

Although the materials had not been made into bombs, army experts said they could have been used for viable improvised explosive devices.

The two boys, now aged 16, were sent to youth custody for 12 months after they admitted conspiracy to make an explosive substance for unlawful purpose.

Prosecutor Nick Dry said one of the defendants had been confronted by his parents last year after they became concerned about him.

Mr Dry said: "They had noticed a change in him over the past year or so when he had started to show them photographs of drugs, money and weapons, tell sick jokes about 9/11 and, latterly, tell them that he was making a bomb.

"In fact, Skype communications between the defendants in October and November last year confirms they were doing just that.

"The conversation reveals that they were looking to sell drugs in order to fund the purchase of materials to make pipe bombs and a firearm.


"Potential targets discussed included a local public school, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and a random shopping centre.

"Escape plans were discussed along with potential suicide, both defendants stating that it was what they had wanted for a long time and agreeing to source the constituent parts of pipe bombs." (© Daily Telegraph London)

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