Monday 19 February 2018

Bowie's first wife Angie storms out of 'Big Brother' house

Angie Bowie, first wife of the late singer David Bowie, who left the Channel 5 reality TV programme 'Celebrity Big Brother' after 'being unwell for a few days' (PA)
Angie Bowie, first wife of the late singer David Bowie, who left the Channel 5 reality TV programme 'Celebrity Big Brother' after 'being unwell for a few days' (PA)

Georgina Stubbs

David Bowie's ex-wife, Angie, has left the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The 66-year-old has departed due to illness after being unwell for a few days, Channel 5 said.

On Monday, American producer David Gest left the house due to medical reasons, which saw Bowie demanding to follow him.

She began packing her suitcase and said in the diary room: "I want to leave now! Get me my stuff! Give me my stuff! Now!"

A Channel 5 spokesman said: "After being unwell for a few days, Angie Bowie has decided to leave the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house."

The other housemates could hear her yelling from the diary room as she shouted: "I am not staying here another minute. Get me out of here right now!"

Despite Big Brother's concerns that it was the "middle of the night" and that things "had to be put in place", she insisted: "Get me a car and let me be gone, if you want to be cheap get me an Uber."

It was unclear at the end of the show whether she had left or remained as a housemate.

Mr Gest had taken to his bed over the last few days and left after he informed 'Big Brother' that he was too ill to continue the show.

The 62-year-old missed the gunge task at the weekend and spent time confined in a spare bedroom as he tried to recover.

In the diary room, Liza Minnelli's former husband said: "I've been so sick, and I'm really sad as I wish I could stay. It's something I will never forget.

"I want to thank all the people that have been supporting me, I want to tell all the cast mates that I love them and I love this country for their support and being so good to me. Thank you, Big Brother."

A Channel 5 spokesman said: "Due to medical reasons, David Gest has decided to leave the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house."

A tweet from his official account, made by his team, said: "Sorry guys but @David Gest2016 is a bit poorly just now! When he is all fixed we will let ya know xx."

Mr Gest was at the centre of a row in the house last week when US reality star Tiffany Pollard thought he was the David who had died, instead of David Bowie.

Meanwhile, David Bowie's son Duncan Jones has retweeted a thank-you letter to his father from a doctor specialising in end-of-life care.

Dr Mark Taubert, palliative care consultant at Velindre NHS Trust in Cardiff, told Bowie his death had prompted a "weighty" discussion with a dying woman in hospital and opened up the possibility for some patients that they could die at home.

He wrote on the blog page of the 'British Medical Journal' website: "We discussed your death and your music, and it got us talking about numerous weighty subjects, that are not always straightforward to discuss with someone facing their own demise.

"In fact, your story became a way for us to communicate very openly about death, something many doctors and nurses struggle to introduce as a topic of conversation."

Bowie died from cancer aged 69 on January 10, surrounded by his family.

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