Wednesday 25 April 2018

Bob ecstatic about 'new heir to the throne of Geldof'


BOB Geldof's daughter Peaches has revealed her dad can't wait for the birth of her son so there will finally be a boy in the family.

Speaking at the Temperley show at London Fashion Week, Ms Geldof said she chose the name Astala Dylan for the baby because of her fiance Thomas Cohen.

She said: "I wanted a Jewish name because my fiance is a Jew and the name is the male version of Esther.

"We found it in a name book and liked it."

The socialite, who is due to give birth in two months' time, added: "I love being pregnant.

"My fiance has to cook for me, I'm so exhausted all the time but I love it."

She said her father, charity campaigner Bob Geldof, could not wait for the birth.

"He's happy that there is going to be a boy in the family, there will finally be an heir to the throne of Geldof," said Ms Geldof.

"My father is so ecstatic; if this was medieval England, I would be in the money."

She said: "I think having a baby will be a positive change in my life; we have a house and dog now."

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