Tuesday 23 January 2018

Black people 26 times more likely to be stopped by police

mark townsend

BLACK people are 26 times more likely than white people to be stopped and searched by British police, the most glaring example of "racial profiling" researchers have seen, according to an international report.

The analysis of government data has caused claims of discrimination from campaigners, who say the findings corroborate concerns that black and Asian Britons are being unfairly targeted.

US civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, who will launch a campaign against 'stop-and-search' discrimination, described the figures as "astonishing".

The figures relate to powers introduced to deal with football hooligans and the threat of serious violence. It allows police to search anyone in a designated area without specific grounds for suspicion.

The report found that there are 41.6 searches for every thousand black people, compared with 1.6 for every thousand white people -- making black people 26.6 times more likely to be searched.

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