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Big Ben set for sex change as MPs seek new name

ONE of London’s most iconic landmarks, Big Ben, could be set for a name change under new plans by a group of mainly conservative MPs.

The group want the famous bell tower to be named ‘Elizabeth Tower’ after the Queen in honour of her jubilee year. They claim she deserves a permanent landmark after 60 years of unbroken service to the country.

It’s not the first time the tower has undergone a name change, it was once called ‘Victoria Tower’ after the only other Monarch on the throne long enough to celebrate a diamond Jubilee, Queen Victoria.

A Spokesman for lobby group ‘Republic’ told The Guardian that the move was “crass and profoundly inappropriate given that the tower in question is a landmark of our democratic parliament.”

He continued “That parliament is there for everybody and the idea that you're going to turn a major feature of our parliament into a tribute to an unelected, unaccountable head of state completely stands against absolutely everything that democracy's about. It's absolutely obscene.”

The proposals have a long way to go before being adopted however, as only 23 MPs have so far expressed their support for the change.