Monday 23 October 2017

Berlusconi's political fate hangs on vote of confidence

Michael Day in Milan

ITALIAN opposition MPs are counting down the hours until tomorrow's confidence vote that could allow them to put Silvio Berlusconi's lame-duck government out of its misery in time for Christmas -- and possibly boot the beleaguered tycoon-premier into the political outer darkness.

But the deal was by no means sealed last night, as political analysts suggested that frantic last-minute parliamentary mudslinging and deal-broking could mean that Mr Berlusconi would survive by as narrow a margin as a single vote.

Claims of vote-rigging and doubt over whether three heavily pregnant deputies expected to oppose the government would be able to attend underlined that the 74-year-old premier's fate is far from sealed. He is expected to give a key campaigning speech in the Senate this morning. (© Independent News Service)

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