Wednesday 21 February 2018

Berlin 'cannibal' restaurant exposed as fake

Andrew Hough

A website advertising for a new "cannibal" restaurant in Germany which appealed for humans to donate body parts for cooking has been exposed as a vegetarian hoax.

The website for Flime called for diners to "donate any part of their body" while also advertising for an "open-minded surgeon".

While the location of the restaurant in Berlin was never disclosed politicians condemned the venture as a tasteless stunt, provoking headlines around the world.

But on the day it was due to open, vegetarian campaigners disclosed it was all an elaborate hoax.

The German Vegetarian Society (Vebu) said that it wanted to highlight consumers' attention to the “evils of meat-eating”.

Sebastian Zösch, a Vebu spokesman, said: "Vebu wants to draw attention to all of us who are affected by the worldwide consumption of meat," Sebastian Zösch, a Vebu spokesman told reporters in Berlin.

"Nobody really thinks about those facts in their day-to-day routine. Because of that it was necessary to call this creative campaign into action."

The restaurant’s website was replaced on Monday with a statement from the group condemning meat eaters.

“Consuming human meat is an explosive issue. But nobody poses the question where meat which is consumed daily comes from, under which circumstances it is produced and what consequences it has on our environment,” it said.

Some observers questioned the group's stunt, claiming that the publicity generated from the hoax café drowned out the campaigner's message.

Mr Zösch said livestock farming "produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector".

He also said that water consumption could be dramatically cut if people become vegetarian because large quantities were used during production.

On its fake site, "members" willing to donate body parts for the menu were asked to fill out a form.

It included questions about medical fitness, Body Mass Index, how often the potential donor exercised and even if they were pregnant.

The restaurant claimed to be inspired by the "compassionate cannibalism" of the Brazilian Waricaca tribe.

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