Thursday 23 November 2017

Becky Watts' boyfriend knocked on her door as her body lay in car on drive

Rebecca Watts Credit: Avon and Somerset Police/PA Wire
Rebecca Watts Credit: Avon and Somerset Police/PA Wire

Claire Hayhurst and Rod Minchin

Becky Watts' teenage boyfriend knocked on the door of her home hours after she was murdered there - while her body lay in a car parked on the drive, a jury heard.

Luke Oberhansli, 18, exchanged text messages with Becky, who he had been in a relationship with since November 2014, on February 18.

She rapidly responded to the messages until 11.19pm, when college student Mr Oberhansli said he was going to sleep.

He awoke the following day to find she had texted him "I love you so much" at 3.52am, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Becky failed to respond to his text messages and calls later that morning and so he went to her home in Crown Hill, Bristol.

Mr Oberhansli, who sat in the public gallery of court room two as his statement was read, arrived there in the late afternoon.

Rebecca Watts Credit: Avon and Somerset Police/PA Wire
Rebecca Watts Credit: Avon and Somerset Police/PA Wire

"It was unusual for Becky not to reply so I walked to her house. I knocked on the door and Shauna answered the door," he said.

"I asked if Becky was there, she asked Anjie, Becky's step-mum, who replied that she didn't think so.

"They looked in Becky's room and she wasn't there, so Anjie said she would let Becky know I had knocked when Becky was home.

"I didn't go into the house, I just spoke to her on the doorstep. The only people I saw were Shauna and Anjie.

"Both Anjie and Shauna seemed to be okay and didn't seem particularly worried about anything.

"I think Anjie said to me it was strange that Becky was not replying to my text messages."

The prosecution allege that Becky was killed by Matthews and Hoare between 11am and 1.45pm on February 19.

Her body was placed in a bag with other items then put in the boot of the couple's black Vauxhall Zafira car, the jury heard.

Mr Oberhansli said he was not aware Becky had any problems or anxieties and "always seemed happy" on a daily basis.

"I last saw her on Tuesday February 17," he said.

"I went around to her house after I finished college. I went up to her room and played on the Xbox. She was playing a game on my iPad. She seemed normal.

"We were texting all day on Wednesday February 18. She was replying quickly until I said I was going to sleep. She said she was in a happy mood. The conversation ended at 11.19pm.

"I got a text at 3.52am saying 'I love you so much'. I was asleep so didn't reply."

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